Tree Removal

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Tree Removal and Cleanup Services

If a tree falls in our backyard, we're going to hear it.  And while it may be easy to hear a tree when it has fallen on top of your car, fence, or garage, it's often easy not to notice the slow creep of bushes and undergrowth that grow onto your property from untamed hedges and alleyways.

Whether it’s a storm that’s knocked down your favorite oak, an urban landscape in need of heavy pruning, or a pile of brush and stumps in need of chipping, we hope you’ll depend on The Tree Removal and Cleanup Experts in Naperville, OC Property Solutions.

Stump Removals

Equipped with powerful modern stump grinders, our operators will make quick work of that obstacle in the way of your new fencerow or remove that eyesore in your front lawn. Hardly any spot too tight, nor any stump too strong. Whatever reason you might have for wanting to clear that stump, we have you covered.

Tree Removal

Safety is of the most significant importance when felling a tree, especially in a quiet neighborhood or a potentially cramped apartment complex. That's why it's essential to rely on the expertise and experience of OC Property Solutions's professional team of tree removal specialists'. You wouldn't want to do this dangerous job yourself, so don't hire just anyone. Hire OC Property Solutions.


Mulch does a great deal to prevent weeds from growing into landscaping, and in the heat of the summer, mulch even helps keep root zones cool, moist, and lush. The addition of mulch in key areas improves your landscaping's resiliency against drought, lowers water costs, bumps up curb appeal, and ultimately increases property value.


Regular and careful pruning is an essential part of maintaining the trees under your care. Excess branches result in dead limbs when there isn't enough light getting into the canopy, and ultimately this makes your tree more susceptible to disease. Also, dead branches that hang overhead can quickly become a liability to property managers and homeowners alike. It is recommended to prune trees near parking areas or within 30 feet of structures yearly. Call today to schedule an estimate and assessment!

Residential, Multi-unit & Commercial Services

Our customers are our mission, and we take the time to work with the specific needs and expectations of our clients from the outset. As such, all of our services are offered to residential, multi-unit, and commercial clients alike. OC Property Solutions is here for all of your home restoration needs. 

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